How did my child get lice?

child upside down happyMust be the biggest question resonating in your mind right now after you have come to the conclusion that your kid is indeed infested with lice. It doesn’t seem to add up, you clean you kid well regularly, and where clothes too. So where did they pick up this parasite that is now flourishing in their hair and feeding off their blood? What will the other kids at school think if they find out your kid missed school because they had a lice infection? But you see that is where the misconception lies! Your lice infection is not because you don’t shower often or clean garments properly. Here is how your child may have picked up this vermin someplace else and How to remove head lice.

  • Sharing combs, hair pins, brushes, hair bands etc.
  • Sharing hats scarfs and other garments including sportswear
  • Direct head to head contact with infected children

It takes direct contact between two people or with personal items for the lice to spread because they actually cannot fly. They craw super-fast though as is evident when you shine light n them. No worries though, they should be easy to kill with a mild medicine. The only issue is that there is no sure way of preventing it from reoccurrence. What you can do is Head lice removal in Atlanta georgia to get rid of this one completely, talk to our children and then cross your fingers.

To the parasite, a clean and healthy host is the perfect catch because they don’t take comfort in dirt and grease, they simply want blood. Your cleanliness is up to you, theirs is to try to stay on as long as possible and not fall off because if they do, they as good as dead. Like you, they cannot go without their daily meals and will eventually die if they cannot feed.

Lice are just parasites and they choose healthy hosts and although they don’t spread any illness, they can cause you or your child a lot of irritation. They simply crawl into the head of the next victim from wherever you pick them up and then try to stay on for as long as possible with insanely high reproduction and survival tactics.

Lice also seem to like younger children in elementary and middle school a lot. Maybe it has to do with the fact that this is the group that likes crawling on rugs and playing with pets out in the yard. Also, it may take longer before the patient themselves are aware of their own suffering given the mantra of stuff they have to do at this age.

Generally, understanding removing head lice is not for the unhygienic only and how it is spread will help prevent reoccurrence of this problem. Also, there is a risk of re-infestation if certain measures are not taken like vacuuming couches etc. calling in a professional expert to take care of things could be a good thing and it will show you loved ones that you really care for their health and well-being and you don’t want lice as much as they do.

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Top Medical School Personal Statement Don’ts

young medical doctor in hospital

There are lots of articles, seminars and webinars in regards to what you need to do in order to create a fantastic personal statement for medical school and we recommend that you take the time to read as many as you can before you begin creating your 5,300 characters of reflection that will become your personal statement. But even within all of the great suggestions on what to do, you can still accidentally torpedo your chances by committing the following mistakes.

Do not..

1). Allow your frustration to get the best of you – Whomever said that discerning one’s applicable life experiences into one page or 1000 characters is quite the liar. One thing that is important to do is to use this as an opportunity to reflect on your experiences and ask yourself: If you were a member of an admissions committee, what about this would impress you? This is also your opportunity to self reflect on your experiences and take stock on all you’ve done and how the lessons you have learned along the way have brought you to this point and how those lessons will propel you forward.

2). Regurgitate You Resume. – The personal statement is not about your credentials, it’s about the person behind the data and info. It’s about who they are, what they have done and what they have learned in order to be the person they are today. This isn’t the time to discuss all of your trophies and extracurricular activities. Address and expound only on those aspects that have helped define you.

3). Use vague, general or abstract prose. – Far too many times prospective med students will discuss some great act they have done for a prestigious organization/company, feeling that not being too specific adds humility or coolness. No. This is the time to name drop and be specific. Saying you participated in a summer program in order to give back with an international group doesn’t hold a candle to saying: ” For 90 days you participated with vaccinations to war torn survivors in the Sudan with Doctors Without borders.

4). Inundate the reader with Cliches – As you are writing your personal statement, be sure to avoid using experiences life lessons that belong to others. Stay away from this. You want to use your actual experiences and lessons and not cliches.

5). Try too hard to impress the committee. – You need to remember that for the admissions panel, this is not their first rodeo. They have more than likely seen it all and heard even more. You’ve got the credential, you’ve got the awards and acknowledgements. Let them tell their own story. Allow the personal statement to talk to your accomplishments and how those accomplishments have come to define you. The lessons you have learned from winning as well as the lessons learned from losing.

6). Avoid utilizing professional help – This isn’t the time to allow arrogance stop you from getting the most out of your personal statement. You may be a great student but that doesn’t mean you are a great writer. This Is the time to consult a professional medical school personal statement service such as or Princeton Review.

Steps to alleviate Overpronation.

Portrait of a fitness man with foot pain

Portrait of a fitness man with foot pain

If you have level feet or “Flat Feet” as they are called, a problem where the arcs of the feet have broken down, an absence of foot stamina and versatility can inundate you with physical symptoms, such as pain in the feet, low back and legs. But having flat feet doesn’t necessitate hanging up your kicks completely. With your doctor’s approval, the best self-care program and also shoes can place you back on the right track in no time at all.


First Thing to do.

Support for your ankles as well as feet when running is a must. Pick orthotic arch assistance inserts to wear in your operating foot wear, especially athletic shoes. Arc supporting insoles help stop your feet from flattening when you run and walk, giving additional support to the foot and ankle joint. The kind of orthotic you need relies on the severity of your condition. Soles range from rigid to soft support. Collaborating with a foot doctor or chiropractic medicine specialist could assist you pick the best arc support for running. Some conditions require a minimalist strategy.

The Next Step.

Rebuild your arcs with basic exercises such as toe swirls. Sit in a chair and lay a towel on the floor in front of you. Position your bare feet directly upon the towel. Position your knees as they should be over your ankle joints at a 90 degree angle. Execute a curling of your toes, gathering the towel under your toes whilst pulling the towel towards you. Use all your toes to scrunch the towel and also draw it toward you. Repeat 10 times. Reverse the movement by grabbing the ridges in the towel with your toes as well as pressing them far from you. Carry out 10 repetitions.

Last step.

Run on consistent surfaces to help prevent the overpronation of your feet. When you suffer from an overpronation, your feet will have the tendency to turn outside during a run. This is known to cause the legs to turn inward. This dysfunction places incredible stress on the mechanisms of the lower leg, which can affect knee joints and ankles. Pick standard surfaces with little to no unevenness to reduce pronation.

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Who Gets Head Lice

The other day, I came by an interesting statement made by an associate. “People still get head lice? Where? That’s not something I’m worried about. There’s no way anyone in my household can get it. We’re [uneducated reason].”

I redacted the exact reason this person mentioned because by itself, it doesn’t matter. He was wrong. There is no scenario that makes anyone exempt from contracting head lice. Well, except maybe being bald.

But there does seem to be a lot of lingering misconceptions about these bugs and their eggs, how they get around, and why. Let me debunk a list of incorrect assumptions, any of which could be used to fill in the “[uneducated reason]” in the false statement I mentioned in the first paragraph.

For this segment I decided to ask my friend; Stacie of The Pink to debunk and clear up a few myths about lice.

young woman with questionable gesture scrape the hair
“We can’t get head lice because we’re clean.”

It doesn’t matter how clean your house is or isn’t. Head lice don’t live anywhere except in human hair, close to the scalp. Without the blood of their host, these parasites will die within 24 hours. Children engaging in activities with other children —whether it be sleep-overs, music lessons, sports and gymnastics, dancing, or just plain-old play-dates — have an increased risk of contact with other children who may be infested.

Cleaning yourself isn’t enough to prevent them, either. Once you’re infested, head lice will cling to your hair even when bathing or swimming. They can only be removed with treatment.

“We can’t get head lice because we’re middle / upper class.”

Maybe once upon a time head lice were mostly prevalent in third world countries and/or impoverished household, but that is no longer the case today. Because head lice can be transmitted simply by being in close proximity of someone infested, your income level won’t make you immune.

“We can’t get head lice because we’re in the 21st century now! Who still gets head lice?

Actually, head lice may actually be even more pervasive now than it was a generation or so ago. The more exposure a child has to other kids, the greater their risk of coming into contact with someone who is infested. Today, there are more children attending daycare and before and/ or after school care than ever.

Parents also are busier now, making thorough grooming and inspection of their children a rarer occurrence.

Meanwhile, the lice have changed over time as well, and have become resistant to many of the over-the-counter treatments available.

“We can’t get head lice because we’re adults.”

Because of their activities and the sheer number of peers they are exposed to on a daily basis, children are more prone to getting infested than adults. However, this doesn’t mean adults are immune to head lice, and the grown-ups in a house with infested children are definitely at risk of becoming infested as well.


“We can’t get head lice because we’re Black.”

Due to a difference in hair texture and shape, Black people in the USA and other Western countries are generally less likely to get infested than Whites, Asians and Hispanics. 10.4% of White children contract head lice whereas only 0.3% of Black children do.

However, this does not mean that Black people can not get lice at all — they do, just rarely. This may be a different case in some places in Africa where the head lice may not have as much of an option as they do in the USA, for instance.

the pink combs mobiel head lice removal

So in conclusion – lice don’t do much discriminating. They can be caught by anyone of any age, gender, social class or race. Don’t think that a head lice infestation isn’t something that can happen to you or your children – because it can.

For more information, please consult with Stacie and her team at The Pink Combs.comHair Lice Removal in Atlanta Georgia

sciatica pain

The Pro and Anti-Icing Debate.

The ice dispute remains to pretty hot between those that agree with the practice and those like myself who aren’t at all convinced of it’s benefits. As peer-reviewed data continues to pour in, the proof for using ice to treat musculoskeletal injury still does not have a leg to stand on in my opinion. I’ve discussed ice many times, however a number of my anti-ice short articles are science-y and focused around one topic. I wanted to do something different this on the topic this time around. I intended to maintain it short, wonderful and also a bit detailed.

I bring you 10 reasons that we should not ice injuries.

1. Inflammation is the very first physiological process to the repair work and also remodeling of cells. You can not have tissue repair service or improvement without swelling. Ice tightens blood flow as well as hinders the inflammatory cells from reaching damaged cells. The capillary do not open once again for numerous hours after ice is used.

2. Inflammatory cells are designed to launch a hormone known as Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1). IGF-1 is a main arbitrator of the results of growth hormonal agent as well as a stimulant of cell development and also expansion, as well as a potent prevention of configured cell fatality. The application of ice hinders the launch of IGF-1.

3. We are inconsistent. We have embraced lots of treatments from Europe and also Typical Chinese Medication like prolotherapy, acupuncture, and PRP injections. These are all pro-inflammatory, suggesting they stimulate or boost the inflammatory response. Research studies have discovered these treatments to be valuable. Ice does the opposite of these types of therapy.

4. Swelling– a byproduct of the inflammatory process– must be removed from the damaged location. Swelling does not accumulate at a hurt part due to the fact that there is excessive swelling, instead it builds up considering that lymphatic water drainage is slowed. The lymphatic system does this with contraction as well as compression. Ice has been revealed to turn around lymphatic flow.

5. Gabe Mirkin, MD– the doctor who coined the term RICE– has since said he was wrong. “Trainers have actually used my “RICE” standard for years, today it appears that both Ice and full Rest could delay healing, as opposed to aiding.”– Gabe Mirkin, MD, March 2014

6. In a placement declaration (the testimonial of numerous scientific papers) made by the National Athletic Trainers’ Organization on the management of ankle sprains (2013) located that ice therapies had a C level of evidence, implying little or bad proof exists. In an interview, the author of that short article claimed: “I desire I could possibly say that exactly what we found is just what is actually being done in a scientific level … Maybe our European associates know something we do not … there is little icing over there.”.

7. Ice does not facilitate appropriate collagen positioning. Diagnostic imaging of persistent ligament injuries like Achilles tendinopathy, jumper’s knee, runner’s knee, as well as plantar fasciitis program bad collagen setup of connective tissue. Research study after research study shows that workout (specifically eccentric loading) assists line up collagen.

8. Ice hampers mobile signaling and hinders the appropriate advancement of new cells. The processes of mechanobiology and mobile signaling take progenitor cells– infant cells that do not understand what they are going to be– as well as makes them into rebuilding cells like myocytes, osteocytes, tenocytes, chondrocytes, and so on

9. Ice slows down nerve shooting as well as interferes with the stamina, speed, as well as control of muscular tissue. A search of the clinical literary works located 35 research studies on the effects of cooling as well as most reported that instantly after cooling, there was a decrease in stamina, speed, power as well as agility-based operating.

10. Ice does regulate discomfort, yet that pain relief lasts only 20-30 minutes and as provened above, has damaging adverse effects to recovery. There are lots of other points we can do to regulate discomfort that do not restrain healing.

I had a conversation with a physician regarding ice and he said something to me that stuck, “There clearly exists a dogmatic polarization on using ice in our clinical neighborhoods! Old practices die hard. Numerous associates still demand utilizing ice … regardless of the present clinical evidence available that reveals it does not function.” Health care companies are intended to be evidence-based. The evidence is clear that ice is not the very best method when treating injuries. Adhere to the evidence.

Close up male arm pain isolated white background.

How Nutrition can assist in neuropathy treatment

One primary consideration of peripheral neuropathy is a comprehensive diet plan. You’ll most likely recognize that neuropathy is connected to diabetes and also other conditions where daily consumption of sugars and also nutrients are very important, yet your diet plan can also influence the problem of nerves in even more direct means, such as in situations where a nutritional deficiency is triggering neuropathic damages.

Among one of the most typical links between neuropathy and also nutrition is a deficiency in B vitamins, specifically vitamin B-12. Fight neuropathy by eating foods like meat, fish, and also eggs that are all high in B vitamins. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, do not fret! There are many type of prepared cereals which contain considerable quantities of B vitamins also (in addition to supplements, which we’ll discuss in a moment).

Many centers advise a diet plan high in fruits and vegetables for people who struggle with neuropathy. Fruits and vegetables are high in nutrients that have actually been shown to be efficient treating neuropathy. In addition, if you deal with diabetic issues, fresh produce could smooth your blood sugar levels. If tingling or discomfort in your extremities is serious, keep pre-cut vegetables and fruit at the ready, so you do not have to fret about the tension involved with preparing them! Simply beware of an over abundance of fructose/fruit sugars. The majority of non-starchy veggies and asparagus especially are wonderful for most of us.

Foods that are high in Vitamin E are also good for neuropathy, according to A shortage of Vitamin E can occur in instances where malabsorption or malnutrition are taking place, such as the instance with alcoholic neuropathy. Breakfast cereals, whole grains, veggies and nuts are all superb sources of vitamin E.

Lean healthy proteins are also a fundamental part of a healthy diet regimen for people with neuropathy. Saturated fats as well as fried types of foods increase threat of diabetes and also heart problem, in addition to aggravating nerve decay from lack of nutrients. A variety of types of foods– skinless white-meat poultry, legumes, tofu, fish, and low-fat yogurt– excel sources of lean protein. If you suffer from diabetes, lean proteins additionally assist to regulate blood sugar levels. Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, as well as sardines benefit keeping degrees of Omega-3 acids, healthy fats the body requires but can not generate by itself.

For specific types of neuropathy, study reveals that particular antioxidants might assist slow or perhaps reverse nerve damage that has actually not existed for a considerable amount of time. For HIV sensory neuropathy, Acetyl-L-Carnitine has demonstrated excellent results, as well as Alpha lipoic acid is being examined for its impacts on diabetic nerve harm. Consult your Neuropathy medical professional for the current research study prior to starting any type of supplements or treatment, despite anti-oxidants.

So what are the most effective ways to check what you are consuming? The easiest method is to maintain a comprehensive food journal. Tape every little thing you consume during your daily meals, for treats, as well as any kind of vitamin supplements you may be taking. Your journal will assist you and also your Neuropathy professional to figure out if your diet plan could be a factor in your neuropathy signs! In addition to this, daily food journaling is a high means for holding oneself accountable for your general nourishment, along with assisting to prevent dietary-related problems apart from neuropathy. If you have a goal for weight management, weight gain, or far better total energy, there are a plethora of examples of how keeping a food journal can aid! Other methods to monitor exactly what you eat consist of cooking at home rather than going out to restaurants, keeping an itemized list as opposed to determining what groceries to purchase during your visit to the store where impulse crave purchasing is at an all time high, as well as seeking advice from a nutritionist or qualified specialists concerning the best means to fulfill your specific needs.

Nutritional supplements can additionally aid as well as manage neuropathic symptoms. Supplementing B Vitamins, especially vitamin B-12, can help control your nutrient levels and also avoid neuropathy signs. Supplementing with fish oil can aid and replenish Omega-3 fats, which are essential if you suffer from type-II diabetics issues. Lots of other types of supplements could be beneficial if you suffer from neuropathy; consult your helpful medical professional for specific referrals.