Steps to alleviate Overpronation.

Portrait of a fitness man with foot pain

Portrait of a fitness man with foot pain

If you have level feet or “Flat Feet” as they are called, a problem where the arcs of the feet have broken down, an absence of foot stamina and versatility can inundate you with physical symptoms, such as pain in the feet, low back and legs. But having flat feet doesn’t necessitate hanging up your kicks completely. With your doctor’s approval, the best self-care program and also shoes can place you back on the right track in no time at all.


First Thing to do.

Support for your ankles as well as feet when running is a must. Pick orthotic arch assistance inserts to wear in your operating foot wear, especially athletic shoes. Arc supporting insoles help stop your feet from flattening when you run and walk, giving additional support to the foot and ankle joint. The kind of orthotic you need relies on the severity of your condition. Soles range from rigid to soft support. Collaborating with a foot doctor or chiropractic medicine specialist could assist you pick the best arc support for running. Some conditions require a minimalist strategy.

The Next Step.

Rebuild your arcs with basic exercises such as toe swirls. Sit in a chair and lay a towel on the floor in front of you. Position your bare feet directly upon the towel. Position your knees as they should be over your ankle joints at a 90 degree angle. Execute a curling of your toes, gathering the towel under your toes whilst pulling the towel towards you. Use all your toes to scrunch the towel and also draw it toward you. Repeat 10 times. Reverse the movement by grabbing the ridges in the towel with your toes as well as pressing them far from you. Carry out 10 repetitions.

Last step.

Run on consistent surfaces to help prevent the overpronation of your feet. When you suffer from an overpronation, your feet will have the tendency to turn outside during a run. This is known to cause the legs to turn inward. This dysfunction places incredible stress on the mechanisms of the lower leg, which can affect knee joints and ankles. Pick standard surfaces with little to no unevenness to reduce pronation.

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