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How did my child get lice?

Must be the biggest question resonating in your mind right now after you have come to the conclusion that your kid is indeed infested with lice. It doesn’t seem to add up, you clean you kid well regularly, and where clothes too. So where did they pick up this parasite that is now flourishing in […]

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Who Gets Head Lice

The other day, I came by an interesting statement made by an associate. “People still get head lice? Where? That’s not something I’m worried about. There’s no way anyone in my household can get it. We’re [uneducated reason].” I redacted the exact reason this person mentioned because by itself, it doesn’t matter. He was wrong. […]

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sciatica pain

The Pro and Anti-Icing Debate.

The ice dispute remains to pretty hot between those that agree with the practice and those like myself who aren’t at all convinced of it’s benefits. As peer-reviewed data continues to pour in, the proof for using ice to treat musculoskeletal injury still does not have a leg to stand on in my opinion. I’ve […]

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How Nutrition can assist in neuropathy treatment

One primary consideration of peripheral neuropathy is a comprehensive diet plan. You’ll most likely recognize that neuropathy is connected to diabetes and also other conditions where daily consumption of sugars and also nutrients are very important, yet your diet plan can also influence the problem of nerves in even more direct means, such as in […]

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