How did my child get lice?

child upside down happyMust be the biggest question resonating in your mind right now after you have come to the conclusion that your kid is indeed infested with lice. It doesn’t seem to add up, you clean you kid well regularly, and where clothes too. So where did they pick up this parasite that is now flourishing in their hair and feeding off their blood? What will the other kids at school think if they find out your kid missed school because they had a lice infection? But you see that is where the misconception lies! Your lice infection is not because you don’t shower often or clean garments properly. Here is how your child may have picked up this vermin someplace else and How to remove head lice.

  • Sharing combs, hair pins, brushes, hair bands etc.
  • Sharing hats scarfs and other garments including sportswear
  • Direct head to head contact with infected children

It takes direct contact between two people or with personal items for the lice to spread because they actually cannot fly. They craw super-fast though as is evident when you shine light n them. No worries though, they should be easy to kill with a mild medicine. The only issue is that there is no sure way of preventing it from reoccurrence. What you can do is Head lice removal in Atlanta georgia to get rid of this one completely, talk to our children and then cross your fingers.

To the parasite, a clean and healthy host is the perfect catch because they don’t take comfort in dirt and grease, they simply want blood. Your cleanliness is up to you, theirs is to try to stay on as long as possible and not fall off because if they do, they as good as dead. Like you, they cannot go without their daily meals and will eventually die if they cannot feed.

Lice are just parasites and they choose healthy hosts and although they don’t spread any illness, they can cause you or your child a lot of irritation. They simply crawl into the head of the next victim from wherever you pick them up and then try to stay on for as long as possible with insanely high reproduction and survival tactics.

Lice also seem to like younger children in elementary and middle school a lot. Maybe it has to do with the fact that this is the group that likes crawling on rugs and playing with pets out in the yard. Also, it may take longer before the patient themselves are aware of their own suffering given the mantra of stuff they have to do at this age.

Generally, understanding removing head lice is not for the unhygienic only and how it is spread will help prevent reoccurrence of this problem. Also, there is a risk of re-infestation if certain measures are not taken like vacuuming couches etc. calling in a professional expert to take care of things could be a good thing and it will show you loved ones that you really care for their health and well-being and you don’t want lice as much as they do.

Info provided by: The Louse Girl

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